CVA has focused its business strategy in the search for business opportunities in the framework of its powers inherent in industrial activity manufacture of metal products, diversifying the scope of this their business and the scope of its business to fields and market places ever broader and more demanding.

Reflecting a situation of constant demand for competitively feasible and cost-effective responses to market needs, the search for technical, technological and business solutions to optimize a more favorable competitive position.
The CVA is credited in accordance with current legislation, Decree-Law 266/2007 and according to the Decree no. 40/2014 Certificates are in various standards, enabling diversification in the business area, according to standards such as EN ISO 9001: 2008. Within the scope of Project Development, Metalworking, manufacture and assembly of metallic structures CVA is able to manufacture metal structures according to EXC3 implementation class of EN 1090-2 by TUV Rheinland Portugal, Lda.
We are certified according to the norm NP EN ISO 9001:2008 in the scope of project elaboration, metal
processing, fabrication and setting of metal structures.


Metal Construction of various types of buildings, which allows rapid construction in comparison with traditional construction.


Rehabilitation of existing buildings, through new coatings and metal structures.


Asbestos removal accordance with current legislation, Decree Law 266/2007 and No concierge. 40/2014


Many challenges facing the CVA outside the usual construction.

VAM Partnership

Our connection to the VAN company allows us to offer our customers an integrated work, in order to create complete solutions.
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