60 years growing in quality and competency


Since the founding in 1953 by Joaquim Vieira Alves, as a family business and over 60 years the company has always argued for pioneering the adoption of more advanced technologies than the direct competition by addressing markets in the introduction phase or growth and reducing its activity in declining markets.

Technological progress has responded to the demands of new business. In the last decade it has made investments in all process stages, from cutting and drilling to welding. Early in the process it has CNC cutting equipment and drilling profiles in parallel to another court system and drilling ambivalent plate (oxyfuel and plasma) and computerized.

Featuring a business structure with facilities, technical, personnel, equipment, financial capacity, experience and legal authorization (Building Permit No. 6116 and certifications), which allows to respond with efficiency and quality.


CVA Equipments

Maintenant, vous pouvez consulter notre matériel d'usine. Nous avons tous les outils, en collaboration avec une équipe hautement spécialisée pour effectuer toutes sortes de travaux.